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Beach Bar Logo FINAL-01.png

We crafted the initial branding for the Beach Bar during its heyday as a vibrant bar and restaurant. As the venue evolved into a dynamic activities bar, introducing unique attractions like axe-throwing, crazy pool, electronic darts, pong connect, shuffleboard, skee ball, table tennis, and more, we extended our creative touch. Pioneering the concept in Scotland, the transformation was not only exciting but also marked a milestone in our project portfolio. The journey with the Beach Bar showcased our adaptability and enthusiasm for bringing innovative concepts to life and making it fun!

We took care of their package brochures, menus, product labeling, press ads, video teasers, digital for socials and much more...

Folded Mockup Package Beach Bar.png
Score Cards Mockup Beach Bar.png
Beach Bar Menu Mockup.png
Beach Bar Kid Menu Opened_Top.png
Bach Bar Kids Back_Cover_Left.png
Beach Bar press Release Mockup.png
Ultra Beat Beach Bar Socials Presentation.png
Blu Terrace Party Beach Bar Socials Presentation.png

Staff T-shirts featuring slogans that incorporate the vibrant neon lighting found within the venue, showcasing various catchy phrases and also designed t-shirts which were more in keeping with the branding of the Beach Bar.

Mockup - Lady Boys 001 Posters.png