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Innoflate, where adventure knows no bounds and excitement is always in the air. Reeve Media proudly presents our collaborative journey with Innoflate over a 5 year span, where we've not only witnessed the pulse-pounding energy of their bounce-centric universe but have also played a pivotal role in shaping their marketing and digital presence. We've worked with their brand to help develop it further and it's been a pleasure to be part of it all.

Innoflate Logo Old V New.png

We came up with a brand refresh and made the colours pop more. We took away the opaque lettering and made them solid and outlined with white which cleans up the entire look. 
Color Palette: Bold Pink: Captivating attention and igniting passion.
Energetic Yellow: A burst of enthusiasm and positivity.
Fresh Green: Symbolising growth, innovation, and the great outdoors.
Dynamic Blue: A touch of creativity and a nod to uniqueness. Main Heading Color:
Medium Dark Blue Our anchor, the medium dark blue, exudes trust, professionalism, and stability. It's the canvas upon which their brand story unfolds.

At Reeve Media, we understand that consistency is key when it comes to building a strong brand identity. That's why we created comprehensive branding guidelines for Innoflate. These guidelines serve as a roadmap, ensuring that every aspect of their brand, from logo usage to color schemes and typography, remains cohesive across all platforms and touchpoints. By establishing clear and concise guidelines, they empower a unified and impactful brand presence, ultimately fostering trust and recognition among their audience. With our branding guidelines in place, they can confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and design, knowing that their brand is always represented with integrity and consistency.

Innoflate Branding Guildelines Mockup.png

We believe that effective signage is more than just a display—it's a statement. For Innoflate, we embarked on a signage journey that boldly echoed their brand identity across windows and larger-than-life door signage. From eye-catching window decals that beckon passersby to enter the realm of excitement, to imposing door signage that announces their presence with authority, every element was meticulously designed to leave a lasting impression. With vibrant colors, striking graphics, and seamless integration of branding elements, their singage captivated attention but also conveyed the exhilarating experience that awaited inside Innoflate!

Innoflate Dundee Outside.jpeg
Innoflate Newport 002.jpeg

We understand that every party is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories. That's why we took great care in crafting party brochures for Innoflate that truly capture the essence of celebration and excitement. These brochures serve as a guide to the ultimate party experience at Innoflate, showcasing the array of options available for guests to elevate their celebration to new heights. From birthday bashes to corporate events, our brochures are designed to inspire and inform, highlighting the endless possibilities for fun and adventure. With vibrant imagery, engaging content, and attention to detail, our party brochures ensure that every guest feels the pulse-pounding energy of Innoflate from the moment they pick up the brochure.

Mockup A4 Folded Kids Party leaflet (Liv, Cumb, Dund, Newp, Glas) 2023 002 FINAL.png
Livingston Party Invites Mockup 001 FINAL.png
Innoflate Sleepover Mockup.png

We designed enticing gift vouchers for Innoflate, allowing them to engage with their thrill-seekers to share the gift of excitement with their loved ones.


We know that bouncing works up an appetite. That's why we put our creative touch on designing food menus for Innoflate, ensuring that every snack or meal looked as exciting as the bouncing experience itself.


We did some digitals for some of Innoflate's events marketed on socials...

Snowball Fight 2023 002 FINAL_Post
Disco End of Term Christmas 2023 FINAL_Post
Special Breakfast With Mario Livingston 2023 001 FINAL_Post
Cash For Kids Innoflate 001 2023 FINAL_Post
Innoflate Comic Relief 001 2023 (ALL SITES) FINAL_Post
Halloween Disco Nerf 2023 001 FINAL_Post
Special Breakfast With Barbie Aberdeen 2023 001 FINAL_Post
Halloween Disco Night (Newport) 001 FINAL 2023_Post
Movie Night Dundee 001 2023 FINAL_Post
Easter Sunday (ALL SITES) without facepainting 001 2023 FINAL_Post
Halloween Breakfast Innoflate 001 2023 FINAL_Post
Disco End of Term Summer (Aberdeen) 2023 002 FINAL_Post
Dads Bounce free FINAL_post
Breakfast With Santa Extra Extra - All Sites 001 FINAL_Post
Breakfast With Santa - Innoflate 001 2023 FINAL_Post
Disco End of Term Easter 2023 002 FINAL_Post
Children In Need Innoflate 001 2023 FINAL_Post

We came up with a concept for them marketing their bounce sessions...

Branding Innoflate 2024 001 DRAFT_Concept 2 Stay & Play.png
Loyalty_Card_Mockup_Abz FINAL.png

We do all the socials needs for promoting a special offer....

Socials 90460 Innoflate Promotion Mockup.png

We take care of all the printed material for marketing their bounce sessions. 

And we worked on some cool video teaser for Innoflate. 



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Innoflate Christmas Teaser

Innoflate Christmas Teaser

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Innoflate Christmas Elves

Innoflate Christmas Elves

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Innoflate Open Bounce

Innoflate Open Bounce

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Echt, Aberdeenshire,


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Closed

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