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It was a great experience teaming up with 'Weid Inc's' label owner, Nick Morgado, to create logo and branding for the artist 'mAdcAt' and CD cover artwork for Turn Up. The idea behind the artwork was that mAdcAt comprised of three mad kitties as they are known, 2 males, and one female. They wanted something showing them tumbling to earth over a sunset skyscape. 

MadCat - Turn Up-2 CD Artwork

The journey with mAdcAt evolved and we not only took care of the track artwork, we went onto produce with them and released WooYeah where we co-produced the track, wrote the lyrics and laid down the vocals. The track got a shout out on BBC Radio 1 which was cool. 

MadCat Copy 2.jpg

We created a video to go along with WooYeah....

Being asked to collaborate further with mAdcAt allowed for a solo music ghost production of the Lagoon9 track and of course, we took care of the artwork.

CD mAdcAt - Lagoon9 CD Artwork

And took care of the video too,




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