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Pinz Bowling, the heartbeat of entertainment in Elgin, Moray, we at Reeve Media have been proud to contribute to Pinz Bowling's vibrant identity. Following a stunning renovation, we designed their imprint, "Lane 15" which stands as a testament to the fusion of modern design and recreational excellence within their establishment. We helped them with their menus, designed eye-catching promotional materials, digital assets, video teasers, leaflets, and posters, we've covered every detail to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for walk through customers and social engagement. 

Pinz Logo NEW Pink Blue without background 2024.png
A4 Kids menu Pinz 2023 001 Mockup_Button.png
A4 Pinz Main Menu Mockup 4.png
A4 Pinz Main Menu Mockup 2.png
A4 Pinz Main Menu Mockup 3.png
A4 Folder Pinz Drink Menu Mockup.png
Socials Live Events Dave Levon Mockup.png
Live Leaflets
Scarlet Diamonte January 2024 FINAL 001_A3
Prosecco Day 25 Sep 002 FINAL-01
Cocktails £6 001 FINAL_A3
May Day Weekend Cocktails Lane15 2023 001 FINAL_A3
Breakfast With Santa - Pinz 001 2023 FINAL_A3 Poster
Gin Day Pinz Feb 2023 001 FINAL_Artboard 1
Cocktail Catch-up Pinz 2023 004 DRAFT_Artboard 1
BOGOF 2023 004 FINAL_A3
Afternoon Tea With Santa - Pinz 001 2023 FINAL_A3 Poster
10th Birthday Lineup 2023 001 FINAL_Bowling 1 Hour copy
10th Birthday Lineup 2023 001 FINAL_Coctails £6
Meet & Greet Love Island 2020 001 FINAL-01
Apres Ski Pinz 002 FINAL_Artboard Launch.png




Echt, Aberdeenshire,


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Closed

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