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Teaming up with the maestro himself, Paul Megson, founder of Verbal Networks and a key player in the North East's MC scene, was an absolute vibe. These lads are no ordinary crew – they're lyrical architects, infusing multiple dance music styles with their poetic prowess. In the cool corridors of the Northeast, they're a big deal. It's been a pleasure riding the wave with Verbal Networks, not only adding some visual flair to their bold presence but crafting their logo and branding, not to mention some threads and digital marketing.

On Stage Facebook.jpeg
Client Logos Website_verbal networks.png

No brand would be complete without some cool threads...

Verbal Newtwork DustyBlack Hoodie.png
Unisex Verbal T-Shirt White.png

And a water bottle for keeping those vocal pipes well oiled...

Verbal Networks MockUp_3.png

And of course, we had to collaborate musically with Mr Megson.. AKA Stretch MC. We produced the music track and got Stretch to add his lyrical madness to it. Although it wasn't his usual Makina groove, he enjoyed the cool downtempo Nu Disco groove and we think it worked out pretty dope! The Artist Intelligence Agency snaffled it up and distibuted it on the via Indie Music Publishing.

Being asked to collaborate further with mAdcAt allowed for a solo music ghost production of the Lagoon9 track and of course, we took care of the artwork.

CD - Long Distant Thing 1500x1500.jpg
MC Stretch & Kerry CD.png




Echt, Aberdeenshire,


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Closed

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